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ELC - English Language Center Los Angeles
LA's Haunted Halloween November 14th, 2011

The Halloween Party at ELC Los Angeles began with the pumpkin carving contest. Every classroom brought out their artistic side and created fierce, original and scary pumpkin carvings. The winning pumpkin had a haunted house theme.

The ELC students, staff and teachers all dressed in costumes for Halloween. ELC was taken over by pirates, wrestlers, super heroes, Pikachu, Snow White, bees and memorable characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow and Bam Bam! As Snow White ate her apple, the students were getting hungry and flocked to the pizza and soda room. In another room students were entertained with Halloween-themed games such as “donut on a string”, “wrapping the mummy” and “passing the skeletons bones.”

The day ended with a catwalk. Students and staff strutted down the corridor in their costumes while students applauded for their favorite. Students picked admin assistant Yang as winner of the best staff costume for his appearance as Bam Bam. Teacher Amy came in second place for her bee outfit. The students applauded loudly for the best student costume – Stefan Maibach as Captain Jack Sparrow!

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