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5 Reasons to Hang Out in Culver City July 25th, 2014

What are YOU doing this weekend?  5 Reasons to Hang Out in Culver City:


Culver City is a bustling neighborhood roughly 6 miles south east of the English Language Center and is home to many ELC homestay families.  Once a quiet strip of small restaurants and boutiques, the town catered to employees of the adjacent Sony Picture Studios.  As the studios and back lots expanded, so too did the distinction of Culver City as a preeminent destination.


5. Sony Picture Studios Tour


Have you ever wondered where big Hollywood movies are made?  If you live in Culver City, they’re being made in your backyard!  Visit Sony Picture Studios for an unforgettable tour of the world renowned movie sets.  For $38 you can enjoy a guided adventure through the Sony Studios back lot.

Sony Pictures in Los Angeles


4. Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park


Los Angeles is well known for it’s expansive parks, museums and beautiful landmarks.  Few, however, are familiar with the dozens of neighborhood “pocket parks” that dot the city.  Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park is a simple and quiet park tucked deep within Culver City’s residential streets.  A short walk from Overland, it’s the perfect place to take a guitar, a good book and a companion or two.  If you need to slow down, take a deep breath and find your inner voice, this park is the place to be.

Rocket Park in Los Angeles


3. Venice Boulevard Taco Trucks

On any given night of the week you can spot these delicious road side attractions on Venice between Motor Avenue and  Washington Boulevard.  Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak burrito or a chorizo quesadilla, Taco Trucks are a guaranteed yummy win.

Taco Trucks Los Angeles


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2. Beit T’Shuvah Thrift Boutique


Fairly priced and overflowing with vintage type writers, picture frames and anything else you could possibly imagine, Beit T’Shuvah Thrift Boutique is a prime destination for the thrifty at heart.  Carve out a couple hours to soak in the rows and rows of antiques.  With so many choices and bins to sort through, even the most frugal shoppers are bound to find something that will tug at their hearts.

Thrift Store Los Angeles


1.  Versailles

Link: versaillescuban.com

Few restaurants have the cult following as Versailles in Culver City.  Located on the corner of Motor and Venice, Versaille is a Cuban wonderland of fresh, succulent appetizers and entrees.  Begin with the empanadas (your choice of chicken, beef or spinach), order any one of the many main courses ( I recommend the Famous Pollo Versailles ) and end your meal with an order of Flan Cubano.  Versailles is a great place to share with a date or with a circle of close friends.  No matter who joins, Versailles will not disappoint the hungry and adventurous!


Versailles Los Angeles