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8 Tips for Learning English June 1st, 2015

English language

  1. Choose realistic and simple goals such as learning ten new vocabulary words a week. Keep setting these goals. You will have a sense of accomplishment as you reach each new goal.
  2.  Make speaking English a part of your everyday life and choose to speak English whenever you can. Find friends who are also learning English and agree to speak English with one another. You will learn something new each time you discover a phrase you don’t know how to say.
  3. Label everything in your house in English! You will be reminded each time you use that item.
  4. Change the language setting on your technology devices to English. You will be able to practice your English each time you are using your phone or computer.
  5. Participate in fun or exciting activities. Go to a new place like an amusement park or a concert! Think of all the new experiences you will be able to have once you improve your English.
  6. Watch a movie or TV show that you love in English without subtitles. This will help you develop the correct accent from hearing how English is spoken natively.
  7. Make new friends whose first language is English. They will help you practice your English! The more you are immersed in the language, the faster you will learn.
  8. Don’t be afraid to fail or look stupid. Learning a language is all about taking risks. The more you challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone, the more you will grow. Once you go past a certain threshold, you will find you are able to learn the language more easily and you will feel more comfortable.