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A Simple Way to Quickly Learn English July 22nd, 2019

Students often ask how they can learn English quickly. There is no simple answer for this question because language learning is a process and different for every person.

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Here is a method that will help you learn English in a natural way. This is similar to how native speakers themselves learn new vocabulary and grammar.

Here are 5 steps to this quick and simple method:

  1. Find a book or magazine a page that is a level higher than your own.
  2. Read a page or paragraph (depending on your level) without a dictionary. Simply read and take in what you can. You may be surprised at how much you understand.
  3. Then, read again- this time underline or write down 5 or 10 words you don’t know or don’t fully understand.
  4. After reading the page or paragraph, look up the words in an English dictionary and then translate them from your own language. Then, write the English definition and translation in a notebook.
  5. Read the same page or paragraph once more and see how much more you understand than the first time.

These steps are the most important part of this method. There are many ways to learn from the words and phrases you have written in your notebook.

For example, try to use your new words in a sentence. Then, have a teacher or native English speaker look at them to see if you are using them correctly.

The next day, read the page or paragraph again to see how much you retain.

At the end of the week you should have between 25 and 50 words in your notebook. You can go back and read the pages and paragraphs you read throughout the week. You will see for yourself just how much you have learned and retained.

This process is gradual, but if done with diligence can be effective. Not only will you learn new vocabulary, but due to the fact that you will be repeatedly reading to correct and natural English.

This exposure to examples of correct English will help you learn by example.

This way, you will absorb new skills naturally. In turn, this will help you with word order, syntax, general comprehension, and fluency.

Can you use any of these words in a sentence? Put your sentences in a comment below!

New Vocabulary:

Gradual: moving, changing, or developing slowly.

Diligence: steady, earnest effort 

Acquisition: the act of gaining something

Syntax: the way in which linguistic elements (such as words) are put together to form words or phrases.

Due to the fact (that):because