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ELC - English Language Center Santa Barbara
A Trip Down Memory Lane in SB June 21st, 2012

A Recap of Our First Few Months as ELC Santa Barbara

Since ELC’s Santa Barbara campus reopened in February, we have experienced what any new school has experienced—a lot of unknowns and uncertainties as well as the excitement of watching something grow. Being a part of the beginning stages of this school is very much like watching a baby take its first steps.

We have had an amazing time meeting and getting to know the students who have chosen to be a part of ELC Santa Barbara’s beginning stages. It’s been such a blessing to have such a diverse student body that has brought in such diversity and excitement to our classrooms. Our students constantly remind us of why we’re all here doing what we do. They are 50% responsible for ensuring that this is an environment where we’re always learning from each other.

As a thank you to the students who have been here and help shape us as we’re growing as a school and finding our roots, we wanted to thank the students who have been integral to the reopening of ELC Santa Barbara. You’re awesome! You have brought so much life and laughter to our school! You should think about coming back to Santa Barbara to visit us. 

-Elizabeth Lucht, Head Teacher in Santa Barbara