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Advice for Boston students June 24th, 2010

Maybe you are thinking of leaving your country to improve your English. Coming to Boston would be a fantastic experience in your life, if you made the most of the all the opportunities.

It’s a marvelous city where you can find culture, art and students from around the world. You could meet new people every day, with whom you could practice your English and discover fantastic people among them, like I did. My new friends from ELC have become an important part of my life. Audrey from France, Anette from Angola and Isabella from Brazil are some examples of interesting people that I have met. There are also fantastic teachers in the school who will help you to achieve your goals. And if you socialize with the American people you’ll be very lucky because you can live a real experience of the USA.

Open your mind and you let yourself be seduced by this city where things such as walking along the Charles River, having a beer on Newbury Street, visiting museums (on the day when you don’t need to pay) and going out to parties are an authentic pleasure!

One last piece of advice… Keep away from the people of your country.  😉

Good luck!

~Marta, Spain

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