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American College Writing December 11th, 2015

At ELC, we know many of our students have a specific goal in mind – and often, it’s studying at an American university after they complete their language study! One thing that many students need to be aware of while preparing for this transition is the very specific structure in American Academic writing standards.  Any subject of study that requires students to write research papers will expect the same basic structure. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll need to know!

  1. Introduction: An American research paper will always begin with an Introduction. This is the first paragraph which introduces the papers’ subject. Usually students will state their thesis towards the end of their introduction. This thesis will make it very clear to the reader what the writer will attempt to argue and prove throughout their paper. A good introduction paragraph will engage the reader and peak their interest in the subject in order to keep them engaged throughout the paper.
  2. Body of the paper: After the introduction comes the body of the paper, which is made up of individual paragraphs. Each paragraph looks to establish a point. A good paragraph will give evidence for and against the claim which the writer wants to establish and will conclude with the writer’s opinion on why their claim is correct.  These claims should be in support to their thesis –  which was stated in the introduction.
  3. Conclusion: Finally, the paper will end with a conclusion. This is the very last paragraph in the paper. This section should touch on each claim stated in the body paragraphs and should re-iterate the thesis previously stated on the introduction. Here’s where you wrap your argument together!

This structure of academic writing is absolutely important to master as all college papers will be made in roughly this format. In LA, we have been offering a very popular academic skills elective to help students with their academic writing.  We also offer college counseling – stop by the office for more info!

American College Writing