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An “Egg-citing” Hunt at ELC Los Angeles April 5th, 2013


When we opened up ELC last Thursday morning, students immediately started roaming around the school with full enthusiasm. Why? Because it was the ELC egg hunt day! A couple of our office staff stuffed 170 eggs with little treats, and hid them all around ELC after school on Wednesday. There was also one special gold egg that we made sure to hide carefully, because the finder of the golden egg would receive a golden chocolate bunny for the prize. Yannis and Alex (pictured below) were especially motivated to find the golden egg. By 8:45am, Alex had already found it hanging by a paper clip in our ceiling of the main office!

Alex and Yannis

The egg hunt was a great success and it looked like all the eggs were gone by the time it was our B-block. Some students were calling themselves “egg hunters”, and trying to find the rest of the eggs too. We’re so happy that a lot of our students were really into this Easter-themed activity!