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An ELC Baby: Meet Monica May 5th, 2014

An ELC Baby: Hi Monica…

Monica is 1 year old!

Students meet tons of friends while at ELC, and some really lucky ones even find their soulmate. Shaofan and Maiko met at ELC, were married, then now were recently blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Shaofan and Monica

When I asked Shaofan if it was “love at first sight” when he met Maiko, he said “yes”. He explained that they first became friends while at ELC and then over time it progressed into a relationship, and then marriage. After their marriage, Maiko gave birth to a daughter, whom they named “Monica”. He said they decided to name her Monica after both the sea and their time in Los Angeles at ELC. Shaofan wanted Monica to reflect his own love of Santa Monica, and all the good memories he and Maiko had at ELC.

Monica's Birthday

Here are some cute photos of their firstborn. Congratulations, and best wishes to Shaofan and his family!

If you have an ELC Baby or marriage, let us know! Email Alex: [email protected]