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Article Writing Tips from Matt October 15th, 2014

The Cambridge students are always hard at work in their classes! Last week in their Reading and Listening class, the teacher Matt had the students practice writing for a magazine. The objective was to write a short article to interest the readers of Changing World Magazine in the debate of whether family life has changed for the better or the worse in their country over the past 50 years.  Matt gave his students this extremely helpful handout of useful language for writing in order to engage the magazine’s audience to read more.

Article Writing Tips

Extra Tips for Article Writing – Useful Language


Involving the reader:

1. Are you thinking of (getting married in the near future)?

2. I’m sure you’ll agree (it was a great idea).


Developing your points:

1. Let’s start with (why it is so important to take plenty of exercise).

2. Another advantage (of using a computer is that..).

3. On top of that,…


Giving your own opinion:

1. I think that (traditional celebrations are very important).

2. It seems to me that (people are much more aware of the importance of a good diet nowadays.)

3. In my opinion…

4. Personally I believe that…

5. In my view…

6. If you ask me…

7. To my mind…

8. My personal opinion is…

9. As I see it, …

10. I believe (that) …

11. As far as I’m concerned, …

12. In my view, …

Introducing your first point:


-In the first place,

-First of all,

-The first thing to consider is…

-One point to consider is…

-To begin with,

Introducing more points:


-Second of all,


-Third of all,

-The most important point is…

-Another consideration is…

-Another point to consider is…


-In addition,

In your conclusion:

-In conclusion,

-To conclude,

-To sum up,

-All in all,


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