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Boston students share their favorite places February 7th, 2012

Students were asked to weigh in on their favorite places in Boston and we got quite a variety of responses, ranging from the greatest places to eat to the best places to study and everything in between.

Ran from China told us that her favorite place in Boston is definitely Copley Square. As someone who loves to shop, Ran mentioned that from Copley you have access to Newbury Street, Copley Center, even the Prudential Center. She also said that there are lots of restaurants there, including Atlantic Fish Co., which is famous for its seafood. Finally she added that in Copley you can visit the Boston Public Library, “the most beautiful and comfortable place to study in Boston.”

Two of the Venezuelan students chimed in as well and told us the places that have stood out to them in Boston thus far. For Angel, he loves ice skating on Frog Pond. He says that although he came here not knowing how to skate at all, it has been a fun thing to learn with other people and a great way to laugh and make friends. Alejandro told us about his love for Tasty Burger, explaining that he loves the place because you can smell it from hundreds of meters away. He also noted that “eating Tasty Burger is like having heaven in your mouth.” Sounds like something that no student should miss!

Sultan from Saudi Arabia said that his favorite places include the Boston Common as well as Sweetwater Tavern. He loves the Common because it’s where he gets to practice soccer, his favorite sport, in the summer and Sweetwater because it’s a perfect place for students and staff to hang out after school.

Marc from Switzerland claims that his favorite area in Boston is the South End, where he is currently living. He says that the special architecture mixed in with the typical brick buildings as well as the small cafes and restaurants that you find there make it a unique place.

Junmo from Korea added that for him the best place to hang out in Boston is Harvard University. His reasoning was that there are any talented and intelligent people in the area and students like him have the opportunity to attend lectures and classes about history or current events. He recognizes that Boston has a lot of famous universities and colleges but that Harvard is the best place to hang out and meet people as well as a great spot to enjoy restaurants and delicious food.