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Bunker Hill Excursion – ELC Boston August 22nd, 2013

“Don’t Fire Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes!”


This month, we started off our jam-packed activities calendar with a Monday trip to the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. 

The Bunker Hill Monument stands to memorialize the Battle of Bunker Hill, a revolutionary war battle that actually took place mostly on Breed’s Hill. Supposedly, the building of the Bunker Hill Monument was a little stop-and-go as funding appeared and disappeared. I heard a rumor that last burst of funding actually came from a bake sale run by neighbors who were fed up with the construction!


I headed to Bunked Hill with around 40 ELC students in tow excited to learn a little bit of Boston’s history and see an amazing view! We saw the monument in the distance and knew exactly where to go. We were all excited but none of us were quite prepared for how much time and energy it takes to walk up 294 very steep steps on such a warm, beautiful day! We went up in small groups to see the beautiful view and by the time I shuffled back down, most of my lovely students were sprawled out on the grass, exhausted. It was more than enough exercise for one day as far as I was concerned! We learned what it meant to have legs that feel like Jell-O, a snack some of the girls had still never heard of, and spent the rest of our time goofing around with a photo shoot.

We may have been exhausted but we saw beautiful sights, made some new friends, and had a whole lot of fun! It was a great activity for a great day!