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Cambridge at ELC Los Angeles July 13th, 2012

It was always my dream to study abroad. I decided to take the Cambridge Exam because it gives also some possibility for further studies in Switzerland. In Switzerland you have a lot of opportunities to studying English but it’s never like studying in an other country. Even if I had English at school for four years, I really improved my English here. I discovered some skills I never known about and I enjoyed the time a lot. I took the First (Certificate in English) and it was not always as easy as I thought before. It was challenging and fun in the same time and we had every week an exam for preparing us for the real one. If I look back, my scores were higher than before but I still look forward to my result of the real exam.

In my opinion, the time at school was perfect. I really enjoyed meeting some new people from all over the world. I am happy to have had kind and helpful teachers, and maybe sometimes also really funny and strange. But that made our days at school only more interesting. I think everybody who took the Cambridge Exam but not only, can confirm to have learned something more than just a language.

I had a really good time also with the office people. They all are really kind and nice but the most important is that all of them are so helpful. They are great and care of you not only like a student but in some situation also like a friend. I miss the time at school, although I am happy that I finished my exam. Now I have a few weeks more in Los Angeles, which I will spend to learn more about the city and not at least to visit the school as often as possible.

Iphigenia S. 19 , Switzerland  😛 ^^