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Cambridge Exam Preparation Essentials October 14th, 2014

Cambridge Exam Preparation Essentials

Periodically the English Language Center provides preparation courses for the Cambridge First Certificate exam (FCE) and the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English exam(CAE).  Joining us today to help us shed light on this program is Cambridge course teacher, Ms. Alyssa Balkin.

1. When did you begin teaching at ELC?  When did you begin teaching the Cambridge course?

I started teaching at ELC four years ago and began teaching the Cambridge First Course in English (FCE) two years ago.

2.  What is the Cambridge exam?

The Cambridge Exam is an intensive evaluation of English proficiency.  It is broken into five parts: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speaking and Listening.  The exam itself is broken up across several testing days and takes place at the ELC.  What’s special about this course is, in comparison to other English proficiency tests, its focus on the application of English.  Not only do you learn grammar rules, you are also tested on your ability to apply English into every scenario.

3.  Why should students enroll in this program?

The Cambridge Exam is an internationally recognized exam of English proficiency.  Most students who enroll in the program are very serious about learning English and want to boost their resumes by passing the test.

4.  What are the advantages of completing the Cambridge program?

The biggest advantage to taking this program is being surrounded by other serious students that want to be challenged.  The program is very rigorous and requires an advanced understanding English grammar and conversation before enrollment.  Students who take the course are motivated and prepared to do hard work.  On an average day a student can expect to have 1 to 2 hours of homework.  So it’s not for the casual English learner.

5. Describe a success story from the Cambridge program

We had a student who visited ELC recently who took the Cambridge program a few years ago.  She was training to become a flight attendant and part of the requirements for the job was having evidence of advanced English speaking and listening skills.  She took the Cambridge course, passed all her exams, and eventually got the job.  She now works for Lithuanian Airlines and travels across the world using English on a daily basis.

6.  What would you recommend to students who are considering studying in the Cambridge program?

I’d say you have to be prepared to do a lot of hard work.  For students who are serious about really learning English, it is one of the most challenging exams available.  ELC only admits serious candidates, so all of the students are driven and have the same goal of passing the test.  Because it’s internationally recognized, people have used the test results when applying for university studies or when submitting job applications.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

Are you interested in taking Cambridge preparation course?  Visit www.ELC.edu for program and enrollment information.  Current students are welcome to visit the main office for more details.