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Cheap Eats in LA March 27th, 2012

Hello! How’s it going everyone? My name is Simon and I am from South Korea. I have been studying at ELC Los Angeles for the past 8 weeks and I will be here until September 2012.

What do you want to eat for lunch?? Everyday you hear that question during lunchtime. Is it hard to choose a restaurant that everyone likes?? I like to find delicious restaurants in Los Angeles so I will recommend some good places, which are suitable prices for students.

I will recommend three different types of food restaurants; two of them will be American. If you want to eat pizza, then you must go to 800 Degrees and you must get there early because the restaurant always has a long line. The taste of the pizza is so fresh, which makes it great! You can choose the toppings and the type of dough you want. The price is only $5-$10.00, it depends what you want to add to your pizza. The best thing is that the pizza is done in 3-5 minutes because they put it in a hot fire oven that is 800 degrees.

Another American place is, In&Out burger, this place is already famous and everyone loves it. Even though their food is fast food they use fresh and quality ingredients. The cool part is that you can see how they make the hamburgers and the French fries, I might say “Simple is the best” which is what I think of In&Out.

The second type of food is Japanese. If you love sushi or you want to try sushi you should go to “Sushi-stop”. The sushi here is very cheap price and also made by a Japanese chef. Most Japanese places in Los Angeles that have a Japanese chef are very expensive but this is different. All the dishes are fresh and delicious even though they are $2.75. I love this place so much that I will wait in line for 30- 60 minutes, but even waiting in line is exciting!

The last food I recommend is Korean food. Many of my foreign friends here at ELC don’t know about Korean food. I really want every student to eat my cultures food because it is yummy! There are so many good Korean dishes and places in L.A. I suggest Korean BBQ; the restaurant name is Boedeunamu Restaurant in Korea town. If you want to eat delicious meat you can go here and only pay $10.00 for all you can eat!! You can have a variety of meats and great side dishes for only $10.00 per person!

The restaurants are all great for students on a budget! The last advise I have for you is to make sure you have an appetizer before you go because you will have to wait in line if you go during lunch time! If you go too often you will gain weigh ? Thank you for reading my long food story.

Have fun eating in L.A.

-Simon, Korea






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