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Christmas Crossword Puzzle December 10th, 2015

Doing crossword puzzles is a fun way to learn new words by yourself or with friends. This crossword puzzle was designed to help students learn some common Christmas vocabulary. Try to fill it out and check the answers at the end only when you get stuck. Happy Holidays from ELC Santa Barbara!

Christmas Vocab Crossword


Across clues:

2. Christmas ___________ is the day before Christmas.

3. Three people who brought gifts to baby Jesus.

7. Santa’s red-nosed reindeer.

8. The scene of the birth of Jesus.

9. _______ Santa – A blind gift exchange.

11. News or information.

15. A Christmas drink.

17. Something to put at the top of the tree.

19. Where Santa gets into the house.

21. Decorations on a Christmas tree.

22. Jewish holiday around Christmas time.

Down clues:

1. A green plant with red berries. You are meant to kiss when you stand under it.

4. Little helpers in Santa’s workshop.

5. An arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems fastened in a ring and used for decoration.

6. People on the naughty list get this instead of a present.

10. ___________ cane.

12. Santa lives in the ________ pole.

13. Wears a hat and scarf and has a carrot for a nose.

14. ” _______ Christmas!” – A holiday greeting.

16. The story of the green creature who wants to ruin Christmas but ends up being good in the end.

17. It hangs above the fireplace.

18. Children leave cookies and ______ for Santa Claus.

20. Songs sung during Christmas.

Snowman ELC Santa Barbara Blog Post



Across answers: 2. Eve 3. Wisemen 7.Rudolf 8. Nativity 9. Secret 11. Tidings 15. Eggnog 17. Star 19. Chimney 21. Ornaments 22. Hanukkah

Down answers: 1. Mistletoe 4. Elves 5. Wreath 6. Coal 10. Candy 12. North 13. Snowman 14. Merry! 16. Grinch 17. Stocking 18. Milk 20. Carols