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Contest: Halloween Door Decorations October 31st, 2014

Here at ELC Los Angeles we really enjoy celebrating Halloween!  The Door Decoration Contest has been a staple Halloween activity year after year.  To begin, each class is given an extra-large piece of paper and craft supplies.  Working together, students doodle, cut, paste, and design their own unique Door Decoration.  After completion, each door is judged by a member of the office staff on a scale of 1 – 10 in three categories: originality, teamwork and overall appearance.  From vampires, ghosts, and plenty of other silly drawings, the door decoration activity brings out the creative and competitive spirit in all of us.  In the end there were three winners:

Placing in third and winning “Most Original” was Jamie’s room 13.

We were all impressed by the Egyptian mummy; complete with mummy arm!  Scary stuff!

Placing second was Brian’s room 22.

They amassed a handful of teamwork points by clearly committing to a very creepy theme, well done!

Finally, winning first place was Amy’s room 12!

They stole the contest with their interactive, October Calendar themed design.  Each calendar day doubles as a pocket holding a Halloween character or Halloween joke making this the most unique, creative and thoughtful use of resources and ideas!  Great work!

LA halloween contest 1LA halloween contest 2LA halloween contest 3

LA halloween contest 4LA halloween contest 5

LA halloween contest 6

LA halloween contest 7

Congratulations, Amy’s class and thank you students and teachers for another successful and fun door decorating contest!

LA halloween contest 8