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Countdown to Halloween October 17th, 2012

On October 10th, several students at ELC Los Angeles enjoyed decorating the main office and the student lounge. From skeletons, spiders, tombstones, to cobwebs , the students used various items to bring the Halloween spirit to ELC. They especially liked stretching out the cobwebs across the ceilings, and even over our staff’s desk! The decorating party was one of the first Halloween events at our school, and more events such as a scary movie night, door decorating contest, a trip to Knott’s Halloween Haunt, and a Halloween party will be coming up in the next few weeks.  Be sure to get to a costume to celebrate this is American holiday with us! Happy Halloween from ELC Los Angeles!

Our amazing decorators: Selina, Ayami, Isabelle, Ilaria, and Tanja(not pictured) Thank you so much for your hard work!

Ilaria balancing a spider on her head.

Isabelle with her spider and Liz, our Housing Coordinator, with her cat.

Our Director, Vanessa, and Liz posing in front of the tombstone decoration.

A clever decoration of the skeleton stroking the cat on top of our water dispenser.