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Cupid, Candy Grams, & Cupcakes at ELC Los Angeles February 20th, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day
On Valentine’s Day, ELC Los Angeles was filled with love..and sweets! This year, we sold candy grams like previous years, and also had a cupcake decorating activity. Our candy grams were Hershey’s kisses roses that I handmade by putting together two Hershey’s kisses, cellophane, a lollipop stick, and floral tape. We sold three stems for $1 in the Main Office, and attached a little heart note where students could write a message. And of course, if students wanted to, they were allowed to keep the notes anonymous to surprise the recipient. It was a great success, and we will be donating any profit to a non-profit organization later on!

Candy Grams

Candy Grams

Cupid & Bodyguard

Cupid & her bodyguard

I had the privilege to be the ELC cupid this year, and delivered the grams with my bodyguard Nancy during Conversation class. The grams were sent not only to students, but to teachers and office staff members too. It was such a pleasure to see the pleasantly surprised faces when I delivered them to each person!

Later during lunch, we had free cupcakes, frosting, and sprinkles in the student lounge for students to decorate and eat. (Big thanks go to Vanessa, Liz, and Nancy for helping me bake those cupcakes!) Students were slowly trickling in at 12:40pm already, and then there was a sudden rush of students who came to claim their cupcakes. By 12:55pm, all the cupcakes had completely disappeared! Lesson of the day? Our students love cupcakes, and next time we’ll need a lot more than 100 cupcakes.

Marine and Ornella with their cupcakes

Marine and Ornella

It was my first time celebrating Valentine’s Day with ELC, and I definitely had a pleasant day. I hope everybody else had a nice Valentine’s Day too!
– Cyndi, the Student Services Coordinator