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Cupid hosts Valentine’s Day at ELC Los Angeles February 22nd, 2012

As Los Angeles is a city of diversity and creativity like no other, it makes sense that Valentine’s Day at ELC, Los Angeles is anything but typical! Students were in for a surprise when our own personal Cupid greeted each class with announcements to inform the students of the Valentine’s Day activities. Cupid was dressed to the nines in a sublime white toga, his hair adorned with golden laurels, and let’s not forget the bow and arrow. 

Cupid must have been handy with that bow, as, at break, a great deal of students lined up to write a love note and buy a flower for their valentine. Sarah, a student from Switzerland said, “I liked that we could buy roses for other students or even teachers. In Switzerland we don’t get to do that at school, so, it’s nice to be able to do that.” 

Not only were students were encouraged to purchase flowers for a special Valentine, they were thrilled as Cupid hand-delivered the flowers to each room. After they were finished blushing and sniffing their flowers, students left for the student lounge, where the activities continued.

The student lounge had been transformed into a space for activities and excitement. Those who were on the shy side participated in a rousing game of human bingo. In this game of conversation, students had to find peers with particular interests or talents, such as, the talent of rolling their tongue, having a crush on someone at ELC, or being in love… with In & Out Burger (a California specialty) in order to mark a spot on their bingo board. These students whizzed around the lounge, chatting and gunning for a prize by finding peers who matched a description on their board.

Yazeed, a student from Saudi Arabia, had never experienced an American Valentine’s Day before. He told us, “It was such a nice day. My favorite was the human bingo because it was the first time for me. It let me talk to a lot of different people. I love that.”

In another great game, inspired by the famous Sweetheart candies, students were blindfolded and then led by a team-member’s voice, using only English, through an obstacle course of cardboard hearts. The hearts were inscribed with signature Sweetheart sayings, such as “Be Mine” or “Call Me.” The winners of the games basked in their Valentine’s Day glory as they mingled with new friends.

By the end of the day, ELC, Los Angeles students had enjoyed an array of activities and treats. The students were able to go home with new stories for their friends and family about what might have been their first, but definitely was their most eclectic Valentine’s Day celebration.

Article contributed by Alyssa Balken (ELC teacher)