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ELC - English Language Center Los Angeles
Cupid visits ELC Los Angeles February 17th, 2011

Love was in the air on Monday when ELC Los Angeles celebrated Valentine’s Day in style. Office Assistant Yang Yang was out with a cold, but like magic, Cupid descended from the heavens and saved the day! Adorned in an immaculately white toga, scintillating golden laurel leaves, a legendary bow and arrow, and fluttering about on delicate wings, Cupid shouldered the responsibilities of the day. Delivering candy-grams, promoting free expression on Cupid’s Message Board, and spreading great romantic cheer, Cupid made sure everyone had a great time!

Students continually place more and more hearts on the sweet, yet humorous message board.

Cupid's classroom announcements and candy-gram delivery were met with much delight.

Some students were just too popular for just one candy-gram!

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