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Halloween Party 2013 – ELC Los Angeles November 15th, 2013

Without a doubt, our favorite holiday at ELC Los Angeles is Halloween. Every year it gets better and better and this year Halloween at ELC Los Angeles was the best Halloween yet! As our students arrived to ELC Los Angeles in the morning with their costumes, they were already taking pictures before classes began. We knew it was going to be an incredible day.

Halloween was fully packed with our traditional events such as pumpkin carving, toilet paper mummy wrapping, donuts on a string, and of course our costume contest. Our special guest this year was our very own Director, Vanessa, who read our students’ (and teacher/staff’s) future through tarot card reading, and our Assistant Director, James, had a professional photo booth to take amazing pictures. The day began with free pizza provided by ELC and proceeded to our costume contest. After our students enjoyed the delicious cheese and pepperoni pizza for lunch, we held our annual costume contest in our hallway. First we held the student consume contest. After deliberating, ELC teachers nominated a selected group of students to model their consumes on our costume catwalk. After a tough decision, Nabil or “Nabila”, won the award for Best Costume, and Yoshi won the award for most original costume, as a zombie cowboy!  Afterwards, we proceeded with our teacher costume contest, and the prize went to Alyssa, who was Katniss from the Hunger Games.

Our pumpkin contest was especially close. We collected votes throughout the Halloween party andthe winners were announced the next morning. 1st place went to Eddy’s class, which had the skeleton legs, 2nd place went to Joey’s class’ pumpkin that seemed to have had too much beer, and 3rd place was for Dominic’s class, with the pumpkin that had a bloody hand in its mouth.

During the evening, many enjoyed their Halloween by going to West Hollywood’s Carnaval, and were even featured on the ABC website! http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/gallery?section=news%2Fbizarre&id=9309009&photo=69

Thank you to all staff and teachers who helped make it a fun day, and to all of our prize sponsors – Yogaworks, Yogurtland, and American Host Tours!

Special Guest

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Reading

Costume Contest

Nabil(a)’s Costume


Yoshi (and friends)

Yoshi & friends

Pumpkin Contest

Joey’s Class

Joey's Class

Eddy’s Class

Eddy's Class

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