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ELC Boston Holds First Soccer Game of 2014 March 12th, 2014

Soccer Season 2014 Begins

ELC loves soccer, so of course when we heard the weather was going to be beautiful this weekend, we had to take advantage of it! On Sunday, Janet and many of our students headed down to the turf fields near the ESL Townhouses to enjoy the spring-like temperatures and play some soccer! The
crowd that showed up was very talented, and gave even Janet a run for her money.

 ELC Boston students enjoying soccer in Boston Common

The field was filled with the usual soccer all-stars. Carlos kicked the ball around everyone and made it look easy, Joseph impressed us all with his fancy footwork, and Matthias defended the goal with ease. Everyone ran up and down the field until they were too tired to continue.

The real surprise on the field, however, was Victor. For someone who doesn’t call himself a soccer player, Victor amazed us all with his abilities and more so, his motivation. Victor never tired once and put his heart, soul, and even sometimes his body into beating his opponents. That’s the best part about soccer with ELC; you don’t have to be the best to have the most fun!

After kicking the ball around hours under the bright sunshine, as well as chasing it and saving it from falling into the river on several occasions, ELC students had worked up an appetite! Everyone who has ever been to Boston knows that the best burger in the city comes from Tasty Burger, and since we were so close, we figured we ought to enjoy a meal there. What better way to finish a good workout than a burger covered in cheese.

We enjoyed our delicious burgers – Molly opted for the gorgonzola burger, while the students were more adventurous. Dario had a rise and shine burger which was basically a breakfast sandwich plus a cheeseburger and it looked delicious. We chatted about all the things we have to look forward to as spring arrives, like soccer every week in the common and enjoying walks and runs along the esplanade. Overall, it was a great way to finish off a lovely spring weekend!

ELC Boston students enjoying Tasty Burger