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ELC - English Language Center Boston
ELC Boston – Interview Training October 25th, 2013

Interview Training at ELC Boston

Yesterday afternoon at ELC, one of our teachers, Craig, offered students a free English lesson on how to answer some important questions commonly asked during interviews in the United States. Craig has offered English lessons to our students in the past, and based on feedback from students, decided to do some work with interviewing. Now, a few of our students that were lucky enough to participate in the workshop will be well prepared to land the job of their dreams! Craig helped students tackle the common introductory question “Tell me about yourself,” the challenging question “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and the closing question “what questions do you have for us.” Some of our more ambitious students, such as Antonio, Hyeongin, Karla, Renate, and Ana participated in the discussion, and we have no doubt they will now be hired on the spot! Students loved the workshop, and one student even said that the workshop helped her to “overcome all her doubts” about interviewing! Another student raved that it was “practical, meaningful, and would be helpful for future interviews!” Craig even set up a small studio space to record students while they were interviewing so they could analyze themselves on film afterwards!


Interested in attending? Craig will be offering this workshop three more times! Sign up for sessions on October 24th, October 29th, and November 5th. Be sure to sign up as the workshop fills up pretty quickly!