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ELC Boston Running Club May 11th, 2012

I’m not sure whether all of ELC’s loyal blog followers have heard but here in Boston we have started a hot new club that is taking the city by storm. It has been called “one of the most exciting things” in Boston by a participating student and it is quite literally making people sweat with anticipation.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to none other than the ELC Running Club.

Founded by myself and one of the core teachers, this club has been up and running (get it?) for just about a month now. We run twice a week, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays, around downtown Boston and have found some of the most beautiful routes in the city. We have been doing 3 or 4 mile runs up and down the esplanade that runs along the Charles River and there are always points during each of our runs when we can’t help but stop and admire the view of the boats on the river and the city skyline.

When we started the club, we figured it would be a great way to get students out into the fresh air and exercising as the weather warmed up here in Boston. I figured we would have some seasoned runners mixed in with some students who wanted to try it for the first time. Little did I know that I would be joined by a Venezuelan tri-athlete, a Saudi Arabian professional gymnast as well as a Chilean half-marathon runner and would have to push myself far, far beyond my snail’s pace to keep up.

Our end goal is to complete the Run to Remember. This race takes place on May 27th and gives you the option between a 5-mile race and a half marathon. With all of the proceeds going toward community and kids programs through Boston’s Police Department, it is a great way to have students put their hard work toward a great cause.

Overall, I think that it has been fun for students and staff alike to get involved with ELC’s Running Club and to get out and enjoy the city on some of the most beautiful days of the year. I know that I personally have had a wonderful time and have pushed myself harder than I had expected and I hope that the club continues to grow and that perhaps it can continue past our first race!

Written by Laura A., Student Services Coordinator