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ELC Boston Student Spotlight: Ekaterina (Ukraine) December 17th, 2013


We asked Ekaterina some questions about her experience at ELC Boston:


How did you choose Boston?


I have been consulting in an education agency DEC Education, which is one the biggest education agencies in Ukraine. I have also become their client. They told me that there is this school in Boston, and since I was going to the United States, and was interested in their services in the future and an MBA as well I chose Boston. I have also heard that ELC is one of the leading schools in the United States.


What made Boston special?


Boston is my Love. In 2010 I came here for a business conference because I worked for a law firm, their business was trademark registration. I was a business development officer there, so I was in Boston representing them in the conference. I stayed in Boston one week after the conference, by chance because we couldn’t get a flight out. Now it’s my favorite city in the United States. It’s very intellectual, it has a unique spirit, you can walk everywhere, the culture life is diverse, the restaurants are the best. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, after Rome. And this is why I am coming back to Boston again and again.


What is the best part of Boston?


People were smiling. It was a very positive attitude. My cheeks were hurting because I was smiling so much.


What was the best part of studying at ELC?


I found friends. I found teachers who have become my mentors (like Robert and Craig). I really enjoyed my classes with Ben, , I think he’s very well educated. The studies are well organized and there are good schedules. The level of studies is also pretty high. For example, at Robert’s studies for conversation you learn about the political systems of a country, and the economic system.


Which activities were your favorite and why?


I would highlight Craig’s interview workshop. I came to understand about how to apply to jobs and what are my main strengths. It also brought me some self-confidence in what my strengths are. I mean in my own country I’m very confident in professional sense, but the U.S. system is completely different, so it was very helpful.


What were some of your goals while studying at ELC? Did you
obtain your goals?


I generally have a goal to speak good English like a native speaker. It wasn’t enough time – I would study more. But in general I think ELC was good at meeting my goals.


What are you plans for the future?


Well, I don’t plan to take any tests because I already took TOEFL and SAT. I think I plan to find a job. The jobs that I am looking for include lots of negotiation, communication, and writing in English so good knowledge of language is necessary.


Do you plan to stay in touch with any teachers or classmates
from ELC?


I already do. I stay in touch with Robert, and Craig, and Nat. I consider Nat a good friend of mine. I consider a Japanese girl, Saki a good roommate and friend as well. Guys from Soudi Arabia are lots of fun to be around with.


What are some differences between Boston and home?


Boston has more history and it is cleaner. Boston carries the history of all the United States, because it was the state where it all started. So I think it’s very powerful in its historic traditions. Boston also has lots of Universities so it’s also the intellectual capital of the USA. Kyiv is just as Boston very beautiful and has many parks and museums! But I really enjoy how Boston has both the seafront and the river. I like being near the water and it has both types.


Silly Questions


What was your favorite classroom at ELC?


The most convenient. It was the one where I had grammar. It was number 6.


What was your favorite place to each lunch?


I liked Charles Street and they have a very nice Italian place there, Bella Vita Cafe, with wonderful soups.


Starbucks or DD? Neither?


I guess it would be Starbucks.


Did you normally take the elevator, or the stairs to ELC?


I started with the elevator, but then like everyone else I used
the stairs.


If you had to be stuck on an island with one staff member, or
one teacher, who would it be?


Robert. He is cool!


What was the latest you arrived to class?


I think one time I skipped on class of grammar. I’m sorry Ben!


What was the first shopping you did? 


H & M.


If you could be any animal, which animal would it be,
and why?


My star sign is Leo, so I would probably stick to that.

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