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ELC Boston’s Halloween Party November 3rd, 2010

Halloween is a very popular American holiday and we celebrate it in style at ELC! Brittany, the student services coordinator, started decorating the school weeks in advance with orange and black steamers, fake spider webs, bats, and jack-o-lanterns.  She also transformed the front office into the “ELC Jailhouse.” The pumpkins we carved on Wednesday afternoon completed the Halloween décor.

The Halloween games started at 11:30am on Friday with the Skeleton Jack Trivia Game and the Monster Lab.  For the trivia game each classroom got a list of Halloween related multiple-choice questions. For every correct answer the class got a skeleton bone. The first class to assemble Skeleton Jack from the skeleton bones won.  Class representatives raced up and down the halls to guess answers and get the bones to win the game!

Simultaneously the Monster Lab moved from classroom to classroom.  The Lab presented the heart of werewolf, vampire teeth and more! Blindfolded students had to guess what the mysterious body parts in their hands actually were. Some student shrieked and squealed at the gooey surprises! The heart was a peeled tomato and the teeth were candy corn. A few more match-ups were candy corn as teeth, dried apples as ears, broccoli as brains, peeled grapes as eyeballs, and cooked linguine as intestines!

We took a break for pizza, candy, soda, and lots of pictures! Everyone was snapping photos of each other’s Halloween costumes. Students, teachers and staff all dressed up in costume for the day.  Three staff members cleverly dressed up as Jailbirds to match the “ELC Jailhouse” front office decorations. The group costumes did not stop there though. We had a costume parade so that teachers and staff could see all the student costumes and pick best costume winners for a few categories.  The Nightmare Before Christmas trio won the scariest costume and the Super Mario World group won funniest costume. The cutest costume went to the teletubby.  There was a tie for best costume between Marilyn Monroe, Jesus, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The students then choose the best teacher/staff costume. The clear winner was Janet dressed up as Lady Gaga in her notorious meat outfit for the MTV VMAs.

But the festivities did not end there! We played Mummy Wrap, had a donut-eating contest, and threw an impromptu dance competition. In the Mummy Wrap students raced to mummify their teammate by wrapping them in toilet paper from head to toe! Then students and teachers participated in a donut-eating contest. The twist was all the donuts were hanging on strings resulting in many donuts bumping into noses and chins! We were not ready to end it there, so we turned on the music and started a costumed dance competition.  On the side students were guessing how many M&Ms fit into a small glass jar. Most guesses landed on the low side. The winner guessed 720 M&Ms and got to take the jar full of 697 M&Ms home. It was a wonderful day of Halloween fun and many students continued the Halloween festivities into the weekend and went to Salem.

If you would like to see more pictures from the Halloween party, please visit our facebook page at ELC Facebook Page