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ELC Creative Writing Elective July 3rd, 2014

The glorious, published authors of ELC: a look into the Creative Writing class

This session, ten students enrolled in a mysterious elective called “Creative Writing.” Being the first time this class has been offered at ELC, and with a new teacher no less, students didn’t know what to expect. But after four weeks of hard work, laughter, and creativity, the students had their poems and pieces published in ELC’s very first collection of poems, short stories, and tales. Teachers Melissa and Viviane worked together to create this hilarious, thoughtful, and insightful compilation of student work.

One day, the smell of delicious cupcakes wafted throughout the school. It was teacher Melissa bringing cupcakes to her Creative Writing class! She asked the students to describe their cupcake in the most descriptive, colorful way they could, including the emotions they felt while eating it. Titles of pieces from this activity included, “Cupcake from a Different Planet,” “Gold-Brown Explosion,” and “I’m Surprised I Liked It.” It was amazing to see how students were so able to brilliantly describe something as simple as a cupcake. A student wrote, “I smell coconut, caramel and chocolate at the same time – like a painting with three totally different colors that create together a new exotic and unique color.”

Another activity the students participated in to increase their creative flow was a game called “Magazine Words.” Teacher Melissa would cut out words such as “destiny” or “adventures” from a magazine and students would write about whatever that word meant to them. On a separate occasion, the students were given cinnamon gummy bears and asked to describe the taste. This activity was especially hilarious because students were brutally honest with their thoughts. “It Looks Like a Pig,” “Sticky and Spicy,” and “Burning Bear” were some of their titles. One student wrote, “I’m glad I tried it so that I know now it was the first and last time!” in her epic piece titled “Never Again.”

Their final project consisted of a class-combined story where each student wrote one part. Because of the varying writing styles, voice, and opinion about where the story should go next, the final project was a funny, dramatic read. The plot twists and turns were definitely shocking! The Creative Writing class was a great success and all the students were sad when the final day arrived. They even expressed interest in continuing to practice their writing once the class was over. Teacher Melissa offered to make a Facebook page to post weekly prompts where amazing creativity will be captured through written prose. When asked what defines creative writing, Sarah from Switzerland said, “You can write whatever you want and you can be free…no rules.” Write on, young ELC-ians! And may the best of luck be upon you.

And now, delve into the minds of our students with some of their poems and excerpts of short stories…

“SEASHELL” by Olivier, Switzerland

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

Every shell has

A beautiful and sometimes colorful

Shield which makes them unique. I

Hear the

Extraordinary sounds of the waves and the

Loneliness from their


“Hope” by Hamdan, Saudi Arabia

If you want to change the world, start with yourself first. There is hope. Pain will end and it’s only temporary.

“Ukulele” by Euna, South Korea

Euna likes to play

Ukulele, but I’m

Not that good of a player.

Anyway, I love playing it.