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ELC Executive Teacher Spotlight: Craig Far July 3rd, 2014

Teacher Highlight: Craig Far

Craig Farr ELC Teacher

Craig Far prepares students to achieve their dreams by promoting themselves as best as possible, and helping them develop the skills they need in order to succeed outside of the classroom.  Craig Far has been an exemplary teacher at ELC Boston.  As well as teaching General English, he provides private lessons to our business english students. Recognizing the need to help students develop real-world skills, Craig educates ELC students on how to present a company’s information to other business professionals. Craig prepares his students flawlessly for their presentations. Craig begins by working with students to brainstorm about the company information that they would need to be able to present to a company for a business meeting. By the end of their brainstorming session, the classroom white board is usually neatly covered in information with many reference print outs on the conference room table. Once the brainstorming has been completed, the student works to craft their presentation, using information from both professional and digital sources. Once the presentations have been completed, ELC students will present. Because Craig recognizes the difference between practicing with a teacher and practicing with a neutral professional, Craig frequently invites other ELC Staff into his class to help the student practice for their presentation.

In additional to his teaching at ELC Craig has also been involved in leading workshops for 826DC, an organization in Washington DC.  Their free workshops cultivate creativity and writing skills for students from age six to age eighteen, who may not have had the support to otherwise engage in such classes.  Talented volunteers, such as Craig, develop and lead the workshops at 826DC during evenings, weekends, and summers. Recently, Craig traveled to Washington D.C. to teach the workshop “How To Be Awesome (And Get A Job)!”.  Craig educated the students on how to promote their unique skills. Craig explained that when applying and interviewing for jobs people can feel uncomfortable doing so, but that they must promote all the skills, talents, and accomplishments their possess. To help the students promote themselves, Craig instructed the students on how to write a unique and humble story pertaining to their own distinctive expertise, preparing them for future interviews for jobs and volunteer positions.

To learn more about Craig’s organization 826DC click here!