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ELC LA’s Door Decorating Contest October 30th, 2012

Brandy’s Class – Most Original & Entertaining Award

Everyone at ELC Los Angeles loves Halloween. As we get ready for the Halloween party on October 31st, we have other activities to get students and staff in a spooky mood. One of our favorite activities is the door decorating contest, where students decorate their classroom doors with ghastly designs. Each class receives a roll of paper and some materials to work with. At the end of class, the ELC office staff rate the doors for originality, teamwork and Halloween theme! This year we had to create a brand new category for teacher Brandy’s 500A conversation class, who staged a gory crime scene in their class, complete with scary music, red lights, and student ‘victims’! ELC office staff took it in turns to visit their room and were all terrified by the dramatic performance!

Jamie’s Class – 1st Place

Jamie’s 500B conversation class won first place for their interesting and horrifying theme. Brian’s 400A class came second, and tied for third place were Amy’s Cambridge class and Beth’s 500A conversation class. Students were very eager to see who won the competition as we promised class prizes of bagels or Westwood’s famous Diddy Riese cookies. Student Services Coordinator Cyndi made announcements to our winning classes and posted photographs up on our digital display.

Brian’s Class – 2nd Place

But the Halloween fun didn’t end there – on Thursday, over 50 students piled into a bus to head off to Knotts Scary Farm, to be chased by ghouls and monsters down mazes and through mist, and fit in a few roller-coasters, too! Still, there’s one big question left – who will win best costume at the ELC Halloween party?

– Vanessa, ELC Los Angeles School Director

Beth’s Class – 3rd Place

Amy’s Class – 3rd Place