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ELC LA’s Halloween Party November 8th, 2010

Cherished as an annual American tradition, ELC Los Angeles held a Halloween Party on Friday, October 29th. With help from the students, the school was decorated with spider webs, fake human bones, and spooky pictures. Starting as a typical school morning, the day took a twist and ended with delicious pizza and drinks, pumpkin carving, fun games, and a rowdy costume contest. Anticipating the day of events, many students brought their cameras and turned the costume contest into a paparazzi-filled “Hollywood” experience.

Pumpkin carving was the first activity of the day, and students brainstormed and raced to make their design the best. The students were serious about winning, yet lots of laughter could be heard down the hallways. In a dark classroom, 19 candle-lit pumpkins were judged by students, and the winning class enjoyed some food and ELC prizes!

Excited about the party weeks in advance, students took to the costume stores or their craft kits at home. The variety and creativity was amazing! Some students even brought props for their costumes. A few were so into the Halloween spirit, they took public transportation in full costume!

Continuing the day, the Mummy Wrap and donut-eating contest were both very competitive. The Mummy Wrap was a close game that almost resulted in a 3-way tie! Watching the donut-eating contest was very enjoyable. Students were not allowed to use their hands to eat a donut hanging from a string. Chocolate, plain, and powdered donuts were used which provided students with interesting donut smudge patterns on their faces. The most difficult game involved the passing of a baby pumpkin from teammate to teammate only using their necks! Pumpkins were falling everywhere, but that did not stop the students from enjoying the fun and trying to win prizes!

After the costume catwalk portion, the winners were decided via applause. Stefanie Ruefenacht of Switzerland won 1st place in the costume contest as Chucky’s wife, Sertan Sayin grabbed 2nd as an ancient Roman dignitary, while Marella Bolognesi took 3rd as Lady Gaga. Dressed as Wolverine from the popular X-Men series, teacher Matt Yancik was awarded the prize for the best teacher’s costume.

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