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ELC Los Angeles Welcomes Sarah Yang! March 7th, 2014

Goodbye Liz, and
Welcome Sarah!

Liz and Sarah Yang

It is now the end of
February, and also the end of Liz’s time here at ELC. Liz has been working at ELC
for three years now, and we asked what her favorite memory at ELC was, and if
she had any last comments. She answered:


Liz: “Fall is my
favorite time at ELC because we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
which are all very fun holidays in the U.S. My favorite Halloween costumes was
when the ELC office staff dressed up like the Village People. Also, I think Los
Angeles is the best school of all three schools (in my biased opinion)! So you
should study at ELC Los Angeles!


Although we are sad to
see her go, all endings also pair up with new beginnings- in this case, a new
Housing Coordinator, Sarah.


Sarah is our new
Housing Coordinator at ELCLA, and she has experience working at an international
office at UC San Diego Extension. There, she worked as an Administrative
Assistant for two years and also worked as a Conversation Teaching Assistant.
She spent most of her time at their office during her undergraduate career.
Here’s a comment from Sarah:


Sarah: “I’m really excited to work
at ELC and the staff, teachers, and students seem great. I look forward to
working with everybody and making some new friends!”


Liz, thank you for all
you’ve done, and we will miss you! Sarah, our warmest welcome to you, and we
hope you are ready to join our big ELC family!