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ELC Los Angeles Europe Reunion December 9th, 2013

Never goodbye, just a “see you soon.”


One of the things that I tell to ELC students before they return home is that I make it a point to never say “goodbye.” Instead I always tell them, “see you soon.” This is my optimistic way of throwing it out into the universe that if we were lucky enough to meet here in Los Angeles that we will meet again sometime somewhere in the near future. Fortunately, to prove my point we get many returning students to English Language Center!

It’s probably one of my favorite things to see a familiar smiling face at the beginning of a start day. Another one of my favorite things is getting the opportunity to see students in their home country. I have a great example of this from October when I went to Europe on vacation. I was able to see former ELC students in both Paris and Zurich. It was a definite highlight!

ELC Reunion in Europe

Like most students probably feel when they arrive in the U.S., I felt a little self-conscious about my arrival to Europe. I do not know any other languages and my innate abilities to mime; “what train do I take?” are most likely pathetic and unrecognizable. I knew I couldn’t pass as a local and I felt people could tell just that by looking at me. Does any of this sound familiar?  Luckily, I have made many wonderful friends from working at English Language Center. Friends that knew all about their homes, where to eat, what to do, what I should see, how to get there, and secret special places that only locals would only know about. For instance, while in Zurich I was able to participate in the first ever Tobi’s Tour by our very famous ELC alumni, Tobi Krebs. Tobi took me all over Zurich and showed me his beautiful city. He arranged for other former students to meet us along the way so they too could join in on our adventure. It was probably the best 48 hours anyone has ever had in Zurich. Really!

My job title at ELC Los Angeles is housing coordinator, but I like to help students out in other ways too! Most of our staff knows what it is like to travel to an unfamiliar place and to be grateful to find a kind face that is willing to help. I think that is what makes our school so special. We are happy to tell you where to eat, what to see, where to go and how to get there, AND help you learn English along the way. I’d like to think that students return to us because they had a great experience the first time around. We want YOU to visit us! See you soon!