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ELC Student Spotlight – Seulbi Lee March 30th, 2014

Student Spotlight: Seulbi Lee

Seulbi, a student from South Korea, was studying with us from summer of 2013 until this March. She studied in both of our FCE and CAE Cambridge class, and was definitely one of our sweetest students who would always come by the office with a smile and brighten up our day.


Here is a quick interview with Seulbi:


1) What were you doing before ELC?

I was studying at a University.


2) Why did you choose LA and ELC?

I liked the ELC Cambridge system and also the location.


3) What was the most difficult part & best part of LA?

The most difficult part was learning how to take the transportation, sometimes I wish I had a car. On the other hand, there are so many things to enjoy such as shows, museums, and the beach, so you can enjoy many sides of LA.


4) Any advice for future FCE/CAE students?

Don’t be afraid of speaking with native speakers, be confident, then you will be better day by day. And try to review what you learned at school everyday, if that’s possible, you will probably get a high score on the real test.


5) What are your future plans?

I will possibly do an internship while I stay here so that I can go back home with some sort of work experience which is good for my career. The other plan is trying to go to graduate school in the U.S. in 5-6 years.


From ELC Los Angeles:

We’ll miss you Seulbi, and we wish you the best with you future endeavors!


Seulbi with FCE Class

Seulbi with friends at dinner

Seulbi with Saori and Laura

Seulbi with friends and host mom

Seulbi with Mom and Friends