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ELC Students Weigh In; How to Be a Successful Student February 26th, 2016

Learning English can be challenging.  When you are taking English lessons, it’s important to take full advantage of your time in the classroom by being a great student.  We asked our current students how to be a successful student, and they gave some helpful tips:

  • “Watch movies without subtitles.”

We hear this tip very often, and it is for a good reason.  It truly is a great tip!  If you watch a movie with subtitles, you might default to reading the subtitles. Without them, you are forced to listen carefully.  It can also be pretty distracting.  If you need to rewind to understand a line, do it! Following English speaking patterns will help you improve your own speaking.

  • “When you are in class, you need to pay attention. Don’t sleep!”

Class time is precious! You should be fully alert and attentive in class. This is your chance to practice your English with a professional.

  • “Participate in class. You can learn more vocabulary and know when you say something wrong.”

When you make a grammatical error while speaking to your friends, they might not correct you, so you’ll never know.  In class, your teacher will correct your mistakes. The more mistakes you make in class, the more you will learn!

  • “Come to school everyday and study at home.”

If you review your class notes when you get home, it will reinforce whatever you learned in class that day.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time studying. Just a quick read-through of your notes can be very helpful.

  • “Speak English outside of class.”

You are only in class for a few hours a day, so if you want to improve quickly, you must also speak English outside the classroom.

How to be successful at ELC