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ELC Summer Campus Program at UCLA August 15th, 2012

Every July and August we have students from all over the world who take part of ELC’s summer campus program at UCLA.  The University of California, Los Angeles is a beautiful school with nearly 100 years of history. Often called “a city in the village,” UCLA boasts state of the art research and recreational facilities and excellent dining options that cater to wide ranging tastes. What’s more, UCLA’s population of nearly 70,000 can also take advantage of numerous open spaces and gardens.

We asked a few students to write about their experience taking classes with ELC on the UCLA campus and this is what they had to say:

“Living in UCLA campus is like living in a movie. You can meet lots of people from your country or from every part of the world. Here you can find all that you need from good restaurants to shops! UCLA also has a huge gym and pools. If you study in ELC you will improve your English by taking grammar and conversation class with qualified teachers. “ – Alice A. from Italy

“ I think my experience here has been amazing. The weather is great, the classes are cool and both people and activities are super! The campus is like a little city. There are restaurants, sports, swimming pools… you can do anything you want!” – Cecilia C. from France

“Based on my personal experience in the ELC course, I really recommend everyone studies here once in their life. It’s awesome how fast you can meet new people and learn, especially speaking. Therefore, you learn about other cultures and how people of different ages and nationalities can come together and create lasting friendships. “ – Beatriz B. from Spain