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ELC Switzerland Reunion March 2014 March 31st, 2014

Former ELC student Amelé Debey recently met up with other ELC Students at a reunion in Bern, Switzerland. Here’s what went down:

ELC LA Switzerland Reunion March 2014 4


We met in Bern, which is the capital of Switzerland. We chose it because it’s kind of in the middle of the country and it was more convenient for everyone. We chose the restaurant Rialto because it was the first one we found that could welcome 16 people outside.


(first pic, on the left side, from up to down): Noé Rudaz, Jérôme Stalder, Dominic Hochreutener, Tobi Harbeke, Bryanna Weiche, Patric Plüss, Urs and Emilie Hoti Robin. (On the right side): Amèle Debey, Marco Hürzeler, Deborah Zoellner, Markus Waldvogel, Sandro Herrmann, Philipp Notter, Jolanda Maag and Mirza Bukvarevic.

My best memories from ELC

are definitely the teachers. Amy is an absolute sweetheart. She is nice and gentle and rarely stops smiling. Dominic is really smart and interesting, plus he has a great sense of humor. You can be sure you’re never gonna get bored with him. Michael and Joey were great to be around as well. The other members of the staff seem ready and willing to help.


About ELC, I’ll say that the spirit reflects perfectly the Californian way of life, in my opinion. Everyone is warm and excited about doing stuff and putting their heart into it. Even if it might be hard from time to time, I guess, they stay joyful and pleasant.

I am glad I have stayed in touch with some of the teachers, and regret not being able to do it with some others. But this was definitely one of the best time of my life and I will recommend everyone I know to do the same. I plan on coming back to LA and I can’t wait to see you guys again.

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ELC LA Switzerland Reunion March 2014 1

ELC LA Switzerland Reunion March 2014 6

ELC LA Switzerland Reunion March 2014 5