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ELC Teacher Spotlight: Josephine Johnson July 20th, 2014

Living the Musician’s Dream in 10 days, 9 shows and with two different bands: a profile of ELC LA Teacher and Musician, Josephine Johnson


Most students know Josephine as the exuberant, energetic teacher who enjoys being silly and sharing short stories.  Few, however, have met the wonderfully talented musician as well.

This past Friday, Josephine began her first musical tour of Northern California.  Beginning in Modesto, Josephine’s tour will be 10 days, which include 9 shows with two separate bands.  I had a chance to speak with Josephine just before her departure early Friday afternoon.

JR: Josephine Johnson, congratulations on your upcoming tour!  Are you excited?

JJ: Yes, I am!  I’ve been planning this trip for months and I’m really excited to hit the road.  I’ve got a lot of gigs lined up and it’s going to be so much fun.

JR: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  When did you begin playing guitar?

JJ: You know, I didn’t start playing guitar until my early twenties when I was in college.  After about three years, I played my first open mic.

JR: Wow, I would have never thought you started so recently.  How does your musical talent and passion inform your teaching?

JJ: Well, I studied English Literature in graduate school.  I like to reference different works by different authors in my songs.  One of my songs, for example, is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe.  I’m a literary nerd so it all goes together.

JR: We’re excited to hear about your tour.  Congratulations to you and I hope you have a blast!

JJ: Thanks, Jon!

Josephine will be in Modesto, California on July 11th and 12th before heading to San Francisco for a house concert.  Afterward she’ll be heading to Fortuna, Redway, Arcata and will finish her tour at the Humboldt Folklife Society Music Festival on July 19th.

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