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ELC Boston voted Japan Best School – Award 2017 May 1st, 2017

Japan Best School Award

ELC English Language Center is pleased to announce Ryugaku Journal has awarded ELC Boston with two prestigious recognitions of the Japan Best School Award.

Since 1990, ELC Boston has been offering international students the best quality English courses in Boston. In addition to ELC Boston, ELC also operates two other schools in Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.

Ryugaku Journal is a leader in educational consulting and a trend-setter in promoting cultural exchange through education, counseling, research, and publishing. Being one of the first agencies founded globally, it is among the most well known and respected in Asia and the world.

Based on the reviews of 500+ students attending international schools abroad, candidates for the Japan Best School Award are evaluated under the following criteria:

    • Teaching and Administrative Support
    • Lessons
    • Accommodation
    • Facilities and Environment.

Only the schools with the highest rankings are selected, awarding English Language schools from all over the world that demonstrate excellence and provide students with top quality services.

This year, the Japan Best School Award ranked ELC Boston as the #1 language school internationally for Atmosphere, and as the #9 school in the School Staff category!

It is not the first time ELC has been recognized with this award. ELC has won several awards in 2016, and four awards in 2015.

“Again, we find ourselves tremendously grateful for the opportunity to serve Ryugaku Journal students, and we are pleased to know that Ryugaku Journal students continue to have life-changing experiences at ELC,” says ELC Director of Marketing, Alex Levine.