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ELC Water Bottle Autographs – ELC Los Angeles September 11th, 2013

ELC Water Bottle Autographs

Vanessa displaying James's bottle

Earlier this year, ELC decided to replace our paper cups with something a bit more environmentally friendly – reusable ELC water bottles! The water bottles have been selling for $2 at each of our schools, and students have been buying them as a souvenier as well.



However, our Assistant Director James also thought up of another cool twist – to collect autographs and messages from our students, staff, and teachers at ELC.


Since then, students have been purchasing our bottles and using them as an autograph page when they leave ELC. This week was the Al-Saqer’s brothers’ Abdul Hameed and Salem’s last week, so they also purchased a water bottle and had all of office staff write messages and sign the bottles as well.


Make sure to stop by our Main Office and buy an ELC water bottle so that you can create your own original bottle to take as a souvenier! All you need is a bottle, some sharpies, and your close friends from ELC 🙂Al Saqer brothers with their water bottles