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English Grammar Lesson – Baseball Idioms April 24th, 2014

Now that it is April, spring has sprung, and for Americans… it’s baseball season!

The first professional baseball league was born in 1871, and has been a classic American pastime. With baseball being such an important part of American culture, it has even influenced our English language. Learn some new baseball idioms to impress your friends and get ready for the season!

“To throw a curve (ball)”

Meaning: To surprise someone with something unexpected or a problem

Example: My teacher threw a curve ball at our class by giving us a pop quiz on our        readings

“Ballpark estimate/figure”

Meaning: An approximate number that you feel is close to the real number

Example: “How many students attended the event? It doesn’t have to be the actual         number, but a ballpark estimate will do”

“Right off the bat”

Meaning: Immediately, first thing

Example: Right off the bat, I could tell that Conversation class would be my favorite       one.

“Step to the plate”

Meaning: To come forward and take responsibility for something

Example: Since my classmates didn’t want to do their presentation first, I decided to        step up to the plate and volunteer.

“Strike Out”

Meaning: To fail

Example: “Were you able to get talk your way out of skipping class?” “No, I struck out. I’ll go to class like a good student.”

Check out an American baseball game at Dodger’s Stadium to see how these terms are used in real baseball settings too!

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