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English Grammar Lesson – Turning Nouns Into Verbs July 21st, 2017

Who knew one little letter could make such a big difference? The letter “e” when added to the end of some nouns can transform them into verbs. It also impacts their pronunciation into stronger, voiced sounds. Not all nouns are as simple as adding one letter; some nouns may have bigger spelling changes, but that predictable “e” is always there.

Don’t believe me? Here is a list of words that change with the letter “e”:

breath [noun: the air you inhale and exhale while breathing]
– breathe [verb: the act of breathing]

cloth [noun: material used to make clothes, sheets, etc.]
– clothe [verb: to provide someone with clothes]

tooth [noun: one of the hard white objects in your mouth used for biting and chewing]
– teethe [verb: to grow your first set of baby teeth]

half [noun: 50% of something]
– halve [verb: to cut something into 50%]

proof [noun: something that shows something else is true]
– prove [verb: to show that something is true]

grief [noun: a deep sadness]
– grieve [verb: to feel a deep sadness]