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English Grammar Lesson – Polite Business English! July 11th, 2017

Have you ever needed to write an email in English, but you were not sure of how to do that? Maybe you have asked yourself questions such as:

“Is that the right word to use?”
“Was that rude to say?”
“How can I say that in English?”

These are, of course, very common things to wonder about, and today, we are going to figure out how to write emails in English for professional purposes.

Let’s go!

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What to avoid:

  • Direct language
    • Example: Give me that paper later today before you leave.
  • Informal language
    • Example: What’s up? When you have a sec, could you stop by my office?
  • Vague language
    • Example: Please bring me one of those reports we talked about last week.

Here we can see some common mistakes made when sending emails at the office. It is important to edit your words once you have finished, and check to see if you’ve accidentally included one of these. Now, let’s take a look at an example of a well-prepared email from a manager to their new team member.

Dear Nikita,

Welcome to the marketing team! We are very happy to have you join.

On your first day, you will have orientation with your hiring manager, Jessica, and have a welcome breakfast with your new team members.

Please plan on arriving here at 9:00am. Our office is located at 11 Main street on the second floor.

Once again, welcome to the marketing team. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Now that we have seen what common errors to avoid, as well as an example of how to write a professional email, it’s time to test these new skills out!

Using the new guidelines, write a professional email to an ELC staff member. We will be happy to receive your message.

Now go and conquer the professional world! You have the power!