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English Plus Photography in Los Angeles December 7th, 2012

With all the famous and beautiful landmarks in Los Angeles, there’s one thing every student will need….a camera!

Everybody snaps pictures of their friends, their trips, and other memorable moments when they study with ELC. However, for those who are more interested in learning the art of photography and capturing the moments from a creative perspective, there is English Plus Photography!

English Plus Photography (EPP) is a great program for students who want to learn English, but still want to explore Los Angeles from an artistic point of view. Through EPP, students enjoy both guided and self-guided tours of famous areas such as Downtown Los Angeles, the Getty Center, Santa Monica/Venice Beach, and the movie stars’ neighborhood!

Also included are tours directly related to photography, such as a tour with a local Los Angeles photography group, and also a tour of the Annenberg Space for Photography with an IRIS Lecture provided by a famous professional photographer.

Near the end of their program, students have a two hour photo review session where they can receive feedback and comments about the photos they took using Adobe photo editing software. After all of the program is completed, EPP students also receive an Apple photo book compiled of all the pictures they snapped, and can take the memories back home.

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, as long as you like taking pictures, EPP will be a great program for you. The only requirement is to have a digital camera, so don’t forget that! All the photos here are from a past EPP program!

Photos by Fenny Ng, Abdul Hamid Al-Saqer, Tareq Alrowaili,  and James Benito