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English Vocabulary for the Common Traveler May 29th, 2015

Summer is coming! For a lot of people, this means it’s time to take a vacation. Vacations take time to plan and a lot of preparation. When planning a vacation, here are some useful travel terms that you might come across.

Planning your trip:

Last-minute: to decide on something late without planning in advance and close to the date.

Book: when used as a verb, means to make a reservation.

Travel arrangements: plans for where and when you are traveling, how you will arrive and where you will sleep.

Staycation: when you take a break from work or school, but do not travel.

Cruise: a vacation that is on a ship while sailing through the ocean.

One-way: a trip to a destination without a return.

Round-trip: a trip to a destination and a return journey.

Itinerary: the planned route or journey; also refers to the document with information such as your flight, agenda, schedule, etc.

Domestic vs. international flight: domestic flights are within one country. You do not need to show a passport to fly domestically. An international flight is one where you go from one country to another. Generally, you will have you bring your passport and show it when you board.

Non-stop flight vs. flight with layover: a non-stop flight is a flight that goes directly to your destination without stopping. A layover is when you take multiple flights to reach your destination.

Delayed: when your flight does not arrive on time as scheduled.

Packing and checking-in:

E-ticket vs. paper ticket: An e-ticket is an electronic ticket, usually on your phone. A paper ticket is a physical printed ticket.

Checked baggage vs. carry-on luggage: Luggage that you take with you on your flight and store in the cabin is carry-on luggage (you carry the luggage on your plane). Checked baggage is luggage that you check-in and is transported to your destination in the hold of the plane.

On your flight:

Flight attendant: a person who assists passengers on a flight.

Lavatory: bathroom.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA): the time the flight is expected to arrive to its destination.

Turbulence: unsteady movement of the airplane.

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