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English Vocabulary Lesson – Art in the City! June 16th, 2017

Los Angeles is well known for celebrities, delicious food, and the best weather. Something that you may not know about it is that Los Angeles has a large art scene! We are so lucky to have several famous art museums that that are close to ELC. Here are some art vocabulary words to help you make the most out of your museum visits:

1. Pop Art = art based on modern culture, like advertising, comic books, or any images you would see on a daily basis. Famous pop art artists are Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Where to find it? = Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Los Angeles County Museum is the largest museum in the western United States! It’s well known for the 202 vintage street lamp installation called Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden. You can see it if you drive by WIlshire Boulevard and 6th street. In addition, this museum is very diverse and has artwork ranging from ancient civilizations to present.


2. Botanical Garden = an establishment where plants are grown for display to the public and for scientific study

Where to find it? = Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens
Huntington Library has a beautiful art collection as well as a botanical garden. Come for a relaxing walk in one of the multiple gardens this summer. You get many choices to choose from like the Rose, Japanese, Chinese, and Australian gardens.


3. Post Impressionism = French art movement, which focused on bright colors, short brushstrokes of color, and untraditional subjects for painting. Famous Post Impressionists are Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh.

Where to find it? = Hammer Museum
Hammer Museum is right across the street from ELC! Lucky us! Did you know that admission into this museum is entirely free too? Come visit Hammer Museum for one of their free lectures, performances, or film screenings.


4. Installation Art = 3 dimensional art that transforms a space (ex. large sculptural pieces, video, sound, or visual displays)

Where to Find it? = The Broad
At The Broad you’ll find Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. This spectacular art installation is a mirror chamber filled with an endless light display. You can also find a large range of modern art like Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can.


5. Architecture = you can see Architecture everywhere! Architecture is the designing, planning, and construction of buildings. Instead of art on paper or a canvas you can see architecture all around you by just being observant of buildings around you.

Where you can find it? = The Getty Center
At the Getty Center you can find beautiful architecture by Richard Meier. Meier makes use of travertine (stone), natural light, and gardens for his architecture. Along with excellent architecture, The Getty is home to outdoor sculptures, a research institute, decorative arts, drawings, and photography.