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English Vocabulary Lesson – Airports! July 27th, 2017

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for a trip! Whether you’re just going for a weekend escape or heading on a month long backpacking tour, having airport and travel vocabulary will certainly come in handy!
Flying can be daunting in and of itself, and the vocabulary surrounding it can be especially complicated but never fear! This guide can help you get to whatever destination you want!

Let’s go!

Arrival– When you are getting into a place
I’ll be there tomorrow- my flight’s arrival is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00.”

Departure– When you are leaving a place
“I have to pack, my flight’s departure is in a few hours.”

Boarding– Getting on a plane
“Head to gate 14, your flight is now boarding.”

Baggage– Another word for bags and suitcases
“Please put your baggage in the metal detector.”

Carry on– Any item of baggage that you bring with you on to the plane
“Please store your carry on in the overhead bins.”

Checked Baggage– Baggage that is ‘checked’ or left at the airline’s counter and stored in the baggage hold of the plane
“Checked bags can be picked up at the baggage claim after the flight lands.”

Baggage Claim or Baggage Carousel– An area where checked baggage can be claimed after the flight
“Luggage from flight B6741 can now be claimed at Carousel 11.”

Fees– An added cost for a service from your airline
“My bag was too heavy so I had to pay a $60 fee!”

Liquids– Anything that is watery or free-flowing
“You cannot bring any liquid over 6oz in your carry on.”

Customs– The place at the airport where incoming goods are checked
“You must declare any fruits or vegetables to customs.”

Duty Free– A shop in the airport where you can buy things without any taxes
“Can you pick me up a bottle of wine at the duty free?.”

Complimentary– Another word for free
“We can offer you a complimentary drink.”