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Executive Student Spotlight: Sergio Costa February 26th, 2014

ELC Executive Student Sergio Costs

1) What were your goals at ELC and did you accomplish them?

My main goals were to speak more fluently, learn additional  grammar and improve my listening comprehension. I’m confident  I’ve accomplished these goals.

2) What company did you work for at ELC?

Recently I was Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of Health? from 2007 thru 2013.

3) What company do you work for now? Did your experience at ELC help you get a different position at your company?

I’m working for Rede D’Or Group as Executive Director. My experience at ELC will help me in my company.

4) What specific ELC teaching methods helped you most?

ELC has an exceptional methodology and excellent teachers for a business man. We focused on learning new vocabulary, reading magazines, articles, newspapers, listening to audio blogs and podcasts and watching videos?. All of these related to business. As a result my English improved rapidly.