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Expressing Love with Other Words February 7th, 2019

Ah, February! Love is in the air and everywhere you go you see pink and red. Hearts, Cupids, and arrows abound! In the famous words of The Beatles, “All you need is love.” Well, I’m sorry to say that they are wrong! Sometimes we get tired of using the same word over and over again. How can we express our love in other ways? Take a look at these fun words below:

Other Verbs for Love

The quintessential line “I love you” is a classic. It’s timeless. It will always win over someone’s heart. But if you’re in the mood to spice things up a little, try these verbs on for size:

adore, admire, am fond of, am crazy about, worship

Of course, not all words mean exactly the same. When you admire someone, you feel respect or wonder for someone (because they are or did something important or valuable). When you worship someone, it’s an extra high level of reverence — typically reserved in religious terms for a deity or sacred personage, but it can certainly be used on someone you love! When you are crazy about someone, you might mean that to say they make you feel enthusiastic, excited, and perhaps a bit senseless with emotion!

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Other Terms for Love

Is there anything sweeter than John Lennon singing “Oh, My Love”? Well, “love” is not the only term of affection (or term of endearment) that can be used. Terms of affection vary from region to region, and even from age to age! They certainly vary depending on your intended audience. Use these on your loved ones, but carefully! Use the wrong one and you may get a raised eyebrow back.

For a loved one/significant other:

Sugar, honey, pumpkin, sweetheart, baby, babe

For a loved one/family member:

Dear, doll, darling

For a loved one/significant other/person-of-interest:

Beautiful, gorgeous, handsome

For a loved one/child:

Princess, slugger, chief, peanut, cupcake

Depending on your relationship and level of intimacy, you might not have any problems saying to your grandmother, “Hey, beautiful!” or calling your wife “Princess.” There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? Try one out today and let us know how it goes!