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Faisal –“The Legend” December 17th, 2013

“Our Best Friend”, “Mr. Class Clown”, “Chicken Man”, “The Legend!”– these are some of the many nicknames that were used to describe a recent and very loved student named Faisal. Faisal had been studying at other ESL schools in town since February. Then he changed school and joined ELC Santa Barbara for three months.


He came to ELC Santa Barbara in search of something that his previous schools lacked. First, he came to ELC for a “home atmosphere” where the staff and teachers knew him by name and where he was not just a student ID number. Second he came to ELC for quality English language courses that would help him pursue his career goals as the head of Human Resources Department of a large company in Saudi Arabia.

In just three months Faisal created strong friendships with many students, from various levels and countries here at ELC. Although he sometimes showed up late to class (with a box of donuts), his English greatly improved through his commitment,  hard work, and conversations with many new friends from all over the world.  Faisal is going to do great things for his country and the world.

See you next time, Faisal! We will dearly miss your sense of humor, enthusiasm and of course, when you would say, “REALLY?!” loud of enough for the whole town to hear.Faisal_the_legend_facebookFaisal_the_legend_paintballingFaisal_the_legend_skydiving Faisal_the_legend_mercedes Faisal_the_legend_halloween